The Artists of the Co-op

Who are the artists?

Currently, the Co-op has 18 artists who have permanent display areas in the gallery.

The Artists Co-op also has group shows that are open to other artists. This is a great opportunity to participate with other artists and get your work seen.

To find out more about getting involved with the Co-op, just come in and talk to us.

Check on our landing page to find out about the current exhibition.

Our Heritage

Along our historic walls, you will find a rich history of Nevada art and artisans who are either no longer living or no longer painting. We call this our Heritage wall.

These special pieces are commissioned and available for purchase through the gallery from the collectors or families who have generously entrusted them to us.

They range from those of original gallery members such as Lyle Ball & internationally recognized Mary Chadwell to ​former UNR fine art chairman and faculty member Craig Sheppard.

We invite you to stop in and reflect upon our legacy.

Ralph and Cheryln Bennett retired after 35 years of active membership in the Artists Co-op Gallery of Reno. Click here to find out more about Ralph and Cheryln.