Board Members

Board Members

2023 Board: 

Eileen Fuller, President, (year 3)

“What does it mean to be president of this cooperative? It is my responsibility to conduct meetings with the board and general membership. For most actions, we are democratic in taking votes on issues of importance, such as adding new members to fill vacancies, selecting guest artists, themes of upcoming shows, etc. After having a banking career and being in charge of a department with employees to supervise and train, I have some leadership skills that have been helpful in conducting meetings, (Robert’s Rules of Order) and have learned to ask others to take on responsibilities (delegating). I have been a member since 2010 and served as president 2016-2017 also. The gallery celebrated 50 years in operation in 2016. In 2018-19, Tricia Poulos-Leonard took on the role and was instrumental in the formation of our 501(c)3 “Nevada Artists Co-operative Gallery” so we were able to garner donations and grants to make the purchase of the building a reality. With the cooperation and teamwork of our members, and working “hand-in-hand” with Tricia and the 501(c)3, we are a strong and financially sound business operation of creative and like-minded people! We are forever grateful to our customers and patrons for helping us survive through the pandemic, and helping fund our progress and improvements to the property and the building. We like to consider our group as a chosen “family” that likes to work and play together. You can feel that positive vibration, particularly when you attend a monthly reception, and you see us teaming up to make it a fun and successful event.”

Eileen Fuller 775-233-4796 

Marilyn Newton, Vice-President

Karen Sullivan, Secretary

I took over the secretarial duties in 2022 though I have been a member of the Artist Co-op since 2013. I come from a secretarial background, having served as an Administrative Assistant for ten years early in my business/corporate career. My job as the Co-op’s secretary is to record the significant points of the meeting. Fortunately, our President is good at providing an agenda of the items we need to cover. There is often elaborate conversation and discussion, so trying to keep the points concise and not too wordy becomes a challenge. It’s an excellent way for all of us to get together and brainstorm. A printed record of the minutes of our meetings is kept at the Gallery, so we have a history of what has transpired.

Terrye Kocher, Treasurer

Tricia Poulos-Leonard, 501(c)3 Rep., Past Pres. & Grants Writer

As President of the Nevada Artists’ Co-op Gallery Board of Directors, I supervise and control the activities of the corporation and the activities of the officers. I preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. I perform all duties required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation and by the Bylaws.

As Grant Writer, I write grants for the 501c3 as they arise. So far, I have written (and received) grants from The Historic Reno Preservation Society, Nevada GOED Commercial Rental Assistance Program, Robert Hawkins Foundation, and National Arts Council Grant.

Tricia Poulos Leonard

Christel Neldner, Marketing Advisor

Jim McKee, Director at large/Maintenance

Ann Weiss, Director at large

Life Members: Ralph and Cheryln Bennett

Cheryln has served many years as the Gallery Director. She has performed such tasks as coordinating the consignment artists (the potters, jewelers, woodworkers, glass artists, soap makers, and more). She is also responsible for creating a group of “heritage art” sellers and collectors of local art. Those sales have significantly added to the co-op’s income over the years. She has been keeping the supplies that are needed for the daily operations and our hospitality for the monthly receptions. Cheryln has “trained” most of us on operations and the hanging of new shows and quarterly gallery rotations. Cheryln’s watercolors of Nevada scenery and subjects and her exquisite gourd-making have long been best sellers at the gallery. She is a charter member of the Sierra Watercolor Society, established in 1989.