Discovering Emerging Artists

We at the Artists’ Co-op aim to discover and open our doors to new and emerging artists in our community.

There is a vital and thriving community surrounding The Artists’ Co-operative of Reno. The members of the Artists’ Co-op know the importance of art and creativity to all members of this community. We also know that there are many artists in the community who do not have the opportunity to display and sell their work. This project will give those undiscovered artists a way to be seen as well as a mentorship to provide them with the tools to take their artistic careers to the next level.

The Artists’ Co-op will seek out five artists in the community surrounding our gallery with the help of community leaders.  The members of the Co-op will take these five artists and mentor them to improve their art and help these new artists to find an artistic direction. We will also make videos of each artist recording their journey from novice to professional artist. This four-month program will culminate with a monthlong showing of their work at the gallery. We will search for qualified artists from throughout the community, including teen artists, veteran artists, and Native American artists. The Co-op members will review and evaluate the art of the individuals looking for technical expertise and emotional involvement in the work. We will strive to find work of the highest quality to be represented and encouraged.

The program will start on September 1st and end with the showing of the emerging artist’s work in January 2024.

You can apply online here:

Here is the application in PDF for printing.