Christel Neldner

Christel Neldner

About the Artist

Christel’s lifelong interest in art and special love of animals has led her through a natural progression to her finely detailed pen and ink drawings of wildlife in their natural habitat.  She also works in graphite, colored pencil, and scratchboard. 

Some of Christel’s drawings may require hundreds of hours of meticulous rendering to achieve exact detail, yet more than a casual glance will reveal the precise detailing required to capture the subtle shadows, highlights, and textures of her wildlife subjects.

“My love of animals is expressed in my work. My hope is that bringing these images into our lives will remind us that creatures and humans must share the vast lands we live in.”

Christel is an active member of the Artist Co-Op Gallery of Reno since 2004.

Here is a sample of Christel’s Art

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