Deanna M Cordova

About Deanna

Deanna M Cordova, a vibrant multidisciplinary artist originally from San Mateo, California, now draws inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of northern Nevada. She began her artistic journey at the Academy of Art University in 2004 and then transitioned to graphic design, refining her skills at Truckee Meadows Community College. In 2019, she realized her dream, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Bellevue University.
As a freelancer, Deanna’s artistic vision shines through logos, t-shirt designs, and commissioned watercolor portraits, demonstrating her mastery of diverse mediums. In 2023, she embraced fine arts, presenting her original works in galleries. “Sunset in Joshua Tree” earned her an Honorable Mention Award in the Latimer Art Club’s 16th Annual Miniature Show.
Deanna’s journey continues in 2024 with a group exhibition at the Artists Co-Op Gallery in Reno, a testament to her growth. Specializing in animal portraits, particularly endangered species, she utilizes art to reveal their innate beauty and raise awareness. Deanna’s intricate portrayals foster a profound connection with the animal world.
A member of esteemed artistic organizations like the Sierra Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society, Deanna is dedicated to preserving the natural world’s beauty. In a world of diverse artistic expressions, she serves as a beacon, illuminating nature’s splendor and the plight of endangered creatures. Through her art, Deanna strives to evoke appreciation and awareness, urging us to protect and cherish the wondrous world we inhabit.

Here is a sample of Deanna’s Art