Eileen Fuller

Eileen Fuller

Eileen Fuller

About the Artist

Eileen Fuller is principally a watercolor artist, with recent forays into pastels and other multiple-media art. She began drawing and painting as a preschooler. Although the materials were put on the back shelf, Elieen continued to return to her art throughout her life.

After Eileen’s family grew, she reawakened the artist within by taking numerous workshops and immersion in the artist community in Northern Nevada. She retired from the banking industry in 2003 and never looked back! She is a longtime member of the Sierra Watercolor Society and the Latimer Art Club (established in 1921.) In 2021 she organized four art shows celebrating the club’s 100th anniversary. Eileen is also a member of the Artists Co-operative of Reno since 2010. She is continuing a 3-year term as its president.

Landscapes are her favorite subject. And with the variety of scenery in the surrounding area, there is no shortage of places she likes to paint on site or photograph for incorporation into works to be finished in her studio. Eileen also loves to paint while traveling.

As a teacher of basic to intermediate watercolor, she believes that each of us was born with creative abilities. These abilities may be dormant but can be brought out if we are willing to make the effort. If you are interested in awakening the “artist within” or in a commissioned piece, contact her at 775-233-4796 or at eileen.fuller@sbcglobal.net.

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