MaryLou Schindler

About MaryLou

I have always loved taking photos of my family, vacations, and animals. It was not until I started photographing the wild horses in Washoe Valley in 2010 that I realized the difference between snapshots and fine art photography.
I have a BFA from South Dakota State University in 1971 but utilized my degree as a Sign painter. I also completed the Emily Griffith Apprenticeship program in 1982. I was employed at Alpine Signs in Carson City for 25 years until I retired 4 years ago which allowed me to spend more time with the wild horses. This education has helped me in my composition, color, and
techniques for my photos.
I have been a resident of Washoe Valley for 40 years and my love of horses in my backyard was the perfect opportunity for me. I try to show the wild horses in their natural environment and the interaction between their family and other bands. I want the viewers to appreciate the natural beauty and spirit of these wild animals and how they survive all the obstacles in their environment, especially humans. Lately, I am expanding my subjects to anything that captures my attention to include eagles, birds, trains, storms, flowers, landscapes, and even abstract renditions.
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